Sharing Sovereignty in the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: The Integration Trajectories of Judicial Cooperation and Migration Policies in the European Union


Schlagworte: European Union, Differentiated integration, Migration policy, Judicial cooperation, Sovereignty, Integrationstheroien, Theorien der Internationalen Beziehungen, Differenzierte Integration in der Europäischen Union, Vereinte Nationen, Außenpolitik der Europäischen Union

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European integration has turned the EU neither into a state, in which authority is fully centralized in Brussels, nor is the EU a classic international organization, in which member states remain fully sovereign. Instead, European integration is patchy. For some policies, decision-making authority still rests with the member states whereas, for others, policy-making authority was transferred to the EU. Why does the EU’s authority vary across policies?

Taking policies belonging to the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice as a sample, Stefan Jagdhuber theorizes and empirically analyzes why integration proceeded on illegal immigration policy and judicial cooperation on civil law matters whereas it stagnated for legal immigration policy and judicial cooperation on criminal law matters.

The findings show that uneven integration trajectories in the EU are likely when policy interdependence, supranational activism and domestic constraints differ across policies.

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Stefan Jagdhuber

Stefan Jagdhuber studied Political Science, Contemporary History and Sociology at the LMU Munich. During his doctoral studies at the LMU Munich, he specialized in questions of differentiated integration in the European Union and the EU in international negotiations. His research appeared in journals such as Politique Européenne, the Journal of European Public Policy and West European Politics.


11. November 2021


Copyright (c) 2021 Stefan Jagdhuber


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